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March 22, 2005

Homework Policy, Grading, Syllabus


A syllabus is a sheet of paper the teacher presents to you at the beginning of the year. Your average syllabus shows.

• the course overview, or what you will being doing during the year.
• the teacher’s behavior management plan.
• the grades and how much they are worth.
• materials that may be needed for the teacher’s class.
• the teacher’s make-up work requirements.
• the homework policy.
• what would/will happen in the event of cheating.

There are many rules at Mabry. View the post on Rules for further details.
• Behavior management plan: students are given a separate behavior management plan that outlines the 6th grade behavior plan.
• Make-up work: students are responsible for any missed work. Students should utilize homework buddies and the homework hotline to keep up with missed assignments. Arrangements must be made with teacher to make up missed tests and quizzes.

Please review the Cobb County policy for guidelines of make-up work. Any work not made up is a ZERO.
• Cheating: cheating is a serious offense and not taken lightly. COMMUNICATION OF ANY SORT, FOR ANY REASON during a test, quiz, or other individual graded assignment will be considered cheating. Cheating will always result in a ZERO.

The homework policy at Mabry is an important thing to know. If you really want to get ahead of the game, you need to be familiar with the grading scale. The grading scale at Mabry is most likely exactly the same as the one at your old elementary school. View post on Grading Scale for further details.

To find some tips from the sixth grade class of '05 , view the post on
Other Opinions.

Always give 100%!!!!

Posted by Mabry 8th Grade Student

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